How to get the 2.3.1 Vertical line in 3.1.2


How do I get the Audacity version 2.3.1 Vertical line to appear in Audacity 3.1.2. It shows in the attached picture with an explanation. This vertical line appears by default in 2.3.1 when I install it. Sadly if I can’t get this vertical line in 3.1.2 I will have to uninstall it and go back to 2.3.1. I use it to line things up.


Unfortunately you can’t. It’s a bug. I’ve logged it here:

Okay. I had to roll back quick.

Is there a way to view all feature changes between 2.3.1 and 3.1.2 and beyond? Something on a single web page or a series of them?

Thanks again for your great work!


I don’t think there is a single web page, but for each major release, the front page of the manual has a link at the top of the page:
“Click here to see New Features in this release”
For example, for the 3.1.0 release manual:
it links to:

There is a very brief one page summary here:

When a new release comes out, there is usually a post on the front page of the Audacity website ( about the new release.

It might be a good idea to have the download button point out lost feature bugs thus potentially saving users time. That vertical line is a very significant feature. I learned from another software to keep all old releases but they cut that off (not good). The Audacity team are wiser than that and I can easily roll back. My broker is also wiser than that. They at least have a stable version and a new version that has not been tested by none beta tester users in the field where additional bugs shows up. So in the broker’s auto update you can choose to auto update to the stable version or the latest version. I personally think 3 versions is better. The broker’s approach is a compromise. In that business at times a change in the method of sending live data forces users to update and that would be an exception.

Audacity 3.1 was released on October 26th.
I noticed this bug and logged it on November 11th.

I went back and viewed the bug report post

Maybe if my “download button warning of features lost bugs” is ever implemented it could be a simple page of links to these bug posts. It could keep stats on downloads cancelled which might be useful in prioritizing. It has another advantage. You simply remove links as such bugs are fixed and thus users just come back to that button and check the warning they are concerned about and if it is gone they can complete the download. Its a thought for whatever it is worth :slight_smile:

This is a regression on 3.0.5, introduced in 3.1.0

Still present in 3.1.2 current release and 3.1.3 Beta-1 test build (tested on W10)

I have added the “Regression” tag to the GitHub issue and given it a P2 priority: