How to get rid of warning in german version 3.0.0?


Bearbeiten → Einstellungen → Warnungen → Warnungen/Nachfragen anzeigen für

no mark at " … Speichern von Projekten"

has no effect.

When closing audacitiy there is still a warning “Projekt vor dem Schließen speichern?”.
Usually I don’t want to save projects.


Usually I don’t want to save projects.

That’s a constant problem in all the versions. Audacity thinks it knows our products better than we do and always insists on saving Projects. You can’t reset, change preferences, or bypass the warning.


It’s not a “problem” is a “feature” - just like Microsoft and Apple do when you try and exit documents that you have edited but not saved.

Audacity has done this for twenty years now, through all it’s versions including the initial release 1.0.

It is a safety feature to ensure folk don’t accidentally lose work. Just what is so hard about hitting Tab and then Enter to dismiss that message ?