How to get rid of this irritating noise ?

Hi everybody,

My HTC phone got crazy and some phone conversations have some kind of noise, i even don’t know how to name it. Just take a look at this file:

This noise is present only for the other side of the phone conversation, my voice is OK. Does anyone of you know how to get rid of this in Audacity ?



I’ve had a go at reducing the distortion, (a before & after example attached, wav in zip file),
However I doubt Audacity or any other software could get rid of it completely.
I know you’re goin’ shopping so I’ll be quick (before & after).zip (501 KB)

I’d be surprised if you could help it at all. It sounds like a sampling error. Does their phone always do that? Back in the bad old days, we used to get a similar problem when a power supply failed inside a piece of audio equipment. Most of the time it would just hum like crazy, and it would be obvious what happened. Sometimes it would chop the show sound in 60 or 120 snippets per second and it would sound exactly like that clip.

Without ripping the clip apart with the tools, I bet there are really tiny times when the speaker’s voice isn’t there at all.


The distortion reminded me of interference caused by car ignition, (perhaps the other person was in a car with its engine idling).

For me it sounds much better :slight_smile: Can you tell me how did you do that ?

“Noise removal” in Audacity 1.3, (it’s much better than noise reduction in Audacity 1.2), and “equalization”.

I’ve had another go (mp3 in zip)…
I know you’re goin’ shopping (102 KB)
Unfortunately It’s a matter of swapping one type of distortion with another less offensive type of distortion.

Yeah, you’re right, but as i said before it sounds much, much better and for me it is just acceptable. Thanks for you help !