How to get rid of Express new mail signal

Using Audacity 1.3 I just recorded a streaming 1 hour music program. I forgot to close my Express email program before starting. About half way through the recording I hear the Express mail tone. How / can I get rid of it? I feel bad enough I don’t need someone telling me to close or disable email before recording.

You may not be able to, but if you can Export just that little bit of the recording and attach it to your reply then someone may be able to see how much of it can be removed. (select that bit including a couple of seconds either side, then “File menu > Export Selection” and Export it as a WAV file)

If you’re on Windows and record streaming audio it’s best to disable all system sounds. (it might be the recycle bin that catches you next time :wink: )

Here is the Express Mail Booboo

If you can get a copy of the bing-bong sound on its own you could try spectrally subtracting it from the show using the Kn0ck0ut* plugin, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up if I were you, it may remove the bing-bong but what’s left will be distorted by digital artifacts …

[ * windows only }

You can make it a fair bit quieter if you select just the bing-bong, then from the Effect menu select “Nyquist Prompt”.
Copy and paste this text into the text box in Nyquist Prompt and click OK.

(notch2 (notch2  (notch2 (notch2 (notch2 s 1230 10) 1860 8) 620 8) 460 2) 520 2)