How to get rid of echo?

There’s an echo behind all of my audio tracks for a school project and was wondering how do i get rid of it?

The interview was recorded with a photo camera (i don’t know if that’s important lol)
An the interviews have this horrible echo in the background, i think partly because of the camera we used and partly becasue of the rooms we recorded in - do you know how i could deaden or dampen the sound?

Thanks for your help! :smiley:

Unwanted echoes are horrible because there’s not much you can do about them - that’s why recording studios go to great expense to avoid them in the original recording. You may be able to make some improvement using an “Expander” effect. Look in the “plug-ins” section of the Audacity wiki (link at top of page) to see how to install additional plug-in effects.

Echoes are one of the killers. An echo is the actor’s voice arriving at the microphone twice, once direct and once late having been bounced from a wall. So you are asking the software to remove the actor’s voice from itself.

The expander (see above) and level keying software all talk a good line, but none of them work very well because of other nasty things they do to the show.

There are ways of doing this, but they’re completely impractical. Somebody stands up in front of the audience with a sound control generator and creates a sound profile for the computers to later figure out where the walls were and their characteristics.

It needs to go on right after the warm-up band, but before Nirvana.


aw snap…too bad then :frowning:

Thanks for your help and suggestions :smiley: