How to get original view back (Win 8.1)


I’m new to this and just learning Audacity. I’ve recently made some recordings and saved them as MP3 tracks.
When I open them up in Audacity to try and edit them, they look like they are compacted, and I can’t edit anything in this format.

I’ve looked on Youtube for tutorials on this, but haven’t found one.

How do you get the original format back on a saved track, so it can be edited?


Maybe you need to zoom-in on the horizontal, (time), axis …

All that does is make the line longer and skinnier, almost where it’s just a thin line.

And why does my tool bar look different from everybody elses?
Audacity example.jpg

You can also zoom-in on the vertical-scale to make the “thin line” thicker.

When you saved the track as MP3 it’s possible the track gain-slider was turned down,
so the mp3 version you created has a smaller waveform (i.e. quieter) than what you were looking at previously.

If you’d saved your work as an Audacity project that particular mistake is reversible.


The gain slider was at the maximum that I could have it without distortion.

When I try and save a track it tells me it can’t save it unless I export it, and Audacity Project is not one of the options.

I did mess around with the vertical scale and that seemed to help, even though it didn’t revert to original waves, it did help!

Thanks a lot!

I did notice that I I had already edited the entire track already. I thought I had left part of it, but it seems I finished it before I saved it.

All this info is good to know, working on my next track!!

Thanks again!