How to get my line-input into Audacity

I’m quite new to Linux, but I really think Audacity works better on Linux than it does on Windows. There’s only one problem though… I can’t get external audio sources (hooked up te the PC’s blue LineInput) into Audacity. There’s serveral input selection options in the toolbar of Audacity, but so far none of them would work. Am I doing something wrong or didn’t I just choose the right pair of settings?
Using Linux Mint Maya and Audacity 2.0.0. on a HP Compaq Desktop PC

The simplest way (if it works for you) is to select either “default” or “pulse” as the recording input (on a standard installation the “default” is “pulse” so both are the same), then select the required input source in “PulseAudio Volume Control”.
Unfortunately, I don’t think that Mint installs PulseAudio Volume Control by default - they may provide some other volume control that will do the job, but if not, use Synaptic to install “pavucontrol”.

The reason that I say “if it works for you” is because on some machines, Audacity will frequently freeze (lock up) when using Pulse as the recording input. If that happens, there are solutions, but try the above first because it is the most convenient method when it works.

You’re great :slight_smile: tnx a lot! I get the meters running in various settings and am now adjusting the PulseMixer to get jobs done… :smiley: