How to get higher than 384 kHz sampling into Audacity?

Hi Audacity forum,

I’ve just recently started using Audacity (looks fine :slight_smile: ) and have a question I hope one of you can help with.

Using the program I’ve noticed that it allows for working with sampling rates beyond 384 kHz, e.g. 1.536 MHz which for my purposes is very useful. However, I can’t see how I stream samples at these speeds into Audacity …? Is there an ASIO software or something else I can use - or how can this be done? I realize this will also need suitable hardware that can sample at e.g. 1.536 MHz.

Thanks for any insight & help in this you may be able to give :wink:


When you get the hardware, it will probably dictate what type of drivers are required (it’s unlikely to be ASIO as that is designed for audio).

Hi Steve,

Actually this is for audio (tests), but I don’t yet know which hardware to use to get these higher sample frequencies into the computer.

However, as I would much prefer to be able to edit the sampled files, audacity - and underlying audio streaming software structures - would be the most interesting to use … but basically I have a challenge finding “anything” that will stream up to 100 Mb/s (5 channels) into a PC - and which isn’t too expensive.

But I would like to start where I can which is the reason for my question here … Any ideas - or maybe alternative suggestions?



What are the “tests” that you wish to perform, and why do they require such an extreme sample rate?