How-to-get-help screen impossible to turn off, layout of interface gets reset everytime program opens

I updated audacity a little while ago and once again I’ve been take aback by how ugly the interface has gotten since version 2.6. I also was stunned to see how utterly stupid this bug I’m writing about is. I try to move around stuff on the interface or hide blocks altogether but then I open the program later and, what do you know, EVERYTHING IS THE SAME WAY IT WAS. I tried to turn off the get help screen that shows on start up, STILL THERE AND IT WON’T GO AWAY.
I am so disappointed with this new update, I wish there was a way to get the old versions but apparently there isn’t, or if there is I don’t know how. Once I find the installation disk for the version I got back in 2017 that’s what I’ll install.

[u]Older versions here[/u].

There was no Audacity 2.6 (it went from 2.4.2 to 3.0.0). There was never an installation disk distributed by Audacity.

You could try deleting your preferences files according to the directions here, then starting Audacity.

– Bill

But third-party hardware suppliers would often distribute Audacity on a disk with their products.

I first came to Audacity withe the purchase of an ION iTT-USB turntable. It came with a disk with 1.2.4 on it (actually already superseded by 1.2.6 when the purchase was made).


This all works fine on my computer and when I click in the lower left-hand corner of that how-to-get-help screen, it doesn’t appear again. On my Windows 10 computer I believe this information is saved in an “audacity.cfg” file contained within %appdata%\audacity, which is the same as C:\Users(me)\AppData\Roaming\audacity. Should your computer have Policies that somehow reset that data, then you are going to have these issues. As you requested, DVDdoug has posted links to older versions of Audacity.