How to get audio from vob file

I need to get audio from a DVD but when I import the vob file (which only imports as Raw) all i hear is static?
I already have LAME and FFmpeg.
I also tried recording it but it just gives me a high pitched sound.
IDK what to do, help please.

I also tried recording it but it just gives me a high pitched sound.

That should have worked. You did something wrong like having too many pathways open.

I thought Video Objects (VOB) would open if you had FFMpeg installed. Is the DVD likely to have copy protection, like a Disney movie? If it is, you need to rip the DVD into a non-protected version before you try to open the sound. Or just record the sound with the above instructions.


(which only imports as Raw)

That’s never going to work because you are opening the video, audio and MPEG header information together and converting it all to PCM audio. With the video & headers mixed-together with the audio, that’s going to sound like pure noise. And if you have Dolby (AC3) or DTS, the raw-compressed audio data is also going to sound like pure noise.

There is another potential issue… The movie is split into 1GB VOB files. So for example, if you are extracting the songs from a concert there is a good chance that some songs are split in the middle.

There are tools especially for ripping audio from DVDs, but I’ve never used one.

I use two methods - I can import the (non copy-protected) DVD into Corel Video Studio and create a WAV file from there.

Or, I use [u]VOB2MPG[/u] (FREE) to convert the VOBs (from non copy-protected DVDs) to one continuous MPEG audio/video file. Then I can open the audio with Audacity

That should work provided that it is not copy protected, (though I’ve not tried with the current version of FFmpeg on Windows).

Instructions for installing FFmpeg for Audacity 2.0.6 are here: