How to get a WiFi connected wireless headset to work with Audacity

Hey, just starting out and I need to get some audio recorded for my first YouTube video, and all I have is a Steel Series Arctis 7 wireless headset, and my cable isn’t working, only the wireless dongle. It won’t show up in Audacity, and I am wondering is there a way to make it work or should I just get something else?

Thanks to anyone who replies!

I would strongly recommend using a wired mic rather than a wireless headset.

Check in the Windows Sound control panel to see if the headset mic appears as an available recording device. If it doesn’t then Audacity can’t use it.

Audacity can only see devices that are available at the time that Audacity is launched, so any device you want to use must be connected and working (and appearing in the Windows Sound control panel) before you launch Audacity.