How to get a list of effects from a piece of audio

Hello im new so bear with me.

dunno if this is required but it said to.

Version of audacity 2.1.1
OS:Windows 7

So for a map im working on I have 2 custom voice lines, about a week ago I added a ton of effects to the first voice line to suit my needs and I wrote down what effects and the parameters of each effect to save for the next voice line.
I however have misplaced that list and now im about to do the second voice line and I need them to both have the same effects to keep the voices the same. I have tried a few ways but none fix this issue was wondering is there a way to get a list of all the effects and parameters that are on the first voice line so I can reapply them to the second one?

I don’t know of any. We can’t take effects out, either, so you can’t start over. Did you keep the original voice work? We recommend strongly to export a perfect quality WAV of each original performance and put it in a safe place before you do anything to it.

If the voice work was still in Audacity and you never closed it, you can open each effect (that you remember) and copy down the values. Most effects save the last settings. Then Edit > UNDO again and again and it will peel away the effects one after the other. If you closed Audacity, that’s the end of the world. Even if you saved an Audacity Project, Projects do not save UNDO.


Audacity keeps a history of the effects applied …

but that history does not persist in saved Audacity-projects : Audacity forgets that history when closed :cry: