How to fix this?

Howdy Folks!

Does anyone of you know how to fix this and make it audible?

Short sample of the sound:

Is this the far side of a Skype or Zoom call? That’s not the actual conversation. That’s the transmission error-correction trash.

Zoom will record both sides of a conversation on its servers and send you the sound files. I think Skype will do that, too.

Sometimes, Audacity can record the local microphone OK, so you can get the far side to record their own voice and send you the files, but far side recording is really rough to do on one computer.


I recorded a FB Call with OBS Studios, now I have this shitty recording, do you know a way to fix this? Maybe isolate key elements and deleted or ignore the double sounds patterns

recorded a FB Call with OBS Studios

Face Book? It’s not a good idea to abbreviate or leave out information in a post.

Audacity can’t deal with echoes. There’s no key or way to recognize the main voice from the bounce. In effect, you’re telling Audacity to remove the voice from itself.

The rest is pure tonal distortions. The Hollywood Rescue, if you can make out the words, is type them on paper and have an actor or performer read them in a studio. If you can’t make out the words, then you’re stuck.

Others may post with better solutions.

Was this a hands-free (open air) performance? If it was, the desperation method or backup is leave a phone in Voice Memos or other sound recorder running between the human host and the computer. In effect, record the room. Even with room echoes or noises, it has to be better than fighting data transmission trash.