How to fix the so-hard-its-hard-to-understand audio (w/ file

Using Audacity 2.0.0. on Linux Mint.

Please listen to the the attached audacity file. It’s very hard to hear the speech. How can I fix it? It’s not simply a “reduce volume” solution. Please help.

You may be able to make out what’s being said, but the rest of the unuploaded audio is much harder to make out.

The audio is badly distorted because the recording level is way too high. It cannot be fixed, you will need to record it again.
If you recorded that in Audacity you need to aim for a maximum peak recording level of around -6 dB (half the track height).

For future reference, instructions for how to attach an audio file are here:
I rescued your post from the “spam bin” and exported the recording as a WAV file, then reattached it to your post.
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