How to fix small sections in recording (record over)

I’m curious how to go about fixing small sections in a given recording. For instance, I tried highlighting a specific section then hitting record. WHat I would like to do is choose a lead in buffer(to get caught up) then basically it will only record and replace the highlighted section. Any feedback would be awesome! Thanks guys!

Start recording a good time before the section that you want to correct - it will record onto a new track.
Stop the recording after you have gone past the part that needs correcting.
Cut or cross-fade from the original track to the newly recorded track and back to the original track.

Makes good sense, thanks for the reply. The only issue I see here is getting the same area selected on both tracks (new and old) . I’ll play around with it.

Use Audacity 1.3.6
Select the desired area before you press record.