How to fix project

I’m trying to convert some tapes to mp3’s for a friend of mine. I’ve already returned his tapes as well as the tape deck to the church. Is there any fixing these projects (3+ hours of recording) or do I need to rerecord all of them

There is no saving those recordings.

Before you record them over again, tell us how you are doing that: what version of Audacity, what computer, what operating system, exactly how you are connecting the tape deck to the computer (using what kind of cable, plugging into what port on the computer).

– Bill

Can I predict the past? You got an adapter cable and plugged the tape deck into the Mic-In on your Windows laptop.

Some laptops allow you to do that, but most don’t. That connection is designed for a computer microphone, not an entertainment tape machine.

If the budget allows, you can buy a USB stereo sound adapter such as the UCA-202 – about $30 USD.

Or find somebody with a Mac and do it directly.

Macs have stereo connections built-in.

Next time play one of your shows back and examine it before you finish.


Yes, you need to do them again.

Do tell us if I hit it. This is a very common cause of overloading distortion like you have.


ok, rerecorded it all, sounds alot better. Just wondering if I could boost the volume just a little? I had to cut the volume on the tape deck almost all the way down so I didn’t get the popping.

Use Audacity’s “Amplify” or “Normalize” effects, (both in the “Effect” drop down menu), set to “0dB” for maximum volume,
(in your case I suggest you use “Normalize” as the tracks are not equally loud).

You’ll get less hiss in the final recording if you can record as loud as possible without clipping, i.e. tweak the tape volume up a teeny-weeny bit.
NB: “Amplify” will amplify both signal (voice) and noise (hiss).