How to fix pop sound

How can I fix the pop sound that comes about if I paste something or cut stuff out in between? What is this sound called (a pop?). Was wondering if there was an audacity fix besides re-recording.

audacity 2.1.3

The “click” can be seen as a red vertical line if you switch to Spectrogram view (
and the click can be repaired using the Repair effect:
Note that there is more than one click, so repeat the repair for each click.
The “Ctrl + R” shortcut is useful for repeating the last used effect. (

Steve, thanks for the step-by-step. In Spectogram view, I highlight the red column to “repair” and get “Repair effect for short samples…select tiny fraction…” message. I’ve selected a bunch of widths and the vertical line/pop sound is not going away, getting same message. Am I doing something wrong?

You probably need to zoom in closer so that you can select a small region around the click. (see:

You only need to select the middle part of the red line like this;
If I zoom in even closer in the normal “Waveform” view, you can see a little “step” in the waveform.
That little jump is what is causing the click, and the Repair effect smooths that out for us

Great, that helped! Highlighting the center of the column was the trick.

I find it helps to use spectrogram view to locate the click/pop and the switch to waveform view to make the repair.