How to fix CD skipping in audacity?

i have old CD rips off an even older CD, and there are skips where it was scratched/damaged (where it quickly repeats certain spots in a song) and im trying to look for a way to automatically figure out where they all are without having to select and delete them all manually, because after many years of listening to them with the skips i finally got off my lazy butt and am trying to fix them. any help is appreciated.

There is probably no fully-automatic way but Spectrogram or Multiview may make the defects easier to spot.

If you have bad skips you may not be able to fix them and it might be better to replace the CD or buy an MP3. Short clicks are usually easier to fix.

thats the thing, my recordings are the only ones available on the internet ive been able to find, so im unable to just replace the mp3s, im not very tech savvy so i hope i described the problem well enough, ill try your suggestion though

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