How to fix audio skipping on imported recordings

Hi guys,

I’m having a problem with recording podcasts. I record Skype
conversations on HotRecorder and then export them to Audacity where I
edit. I’m using Windows 7. I downloaded the full 2.0.3 file.
Everything is fine when I’m on the call, but afterwards when I
go to Audacity with the file, the sound of the person on the other end
of the line is skipping. It skips about a half-second every 10
seconds or so. So it’ll be “Thank you so much for --time Dan. I’m
really glad to be talking to about this Reelabilites Film Festiv – it
means a lot to me.”
What might be causing this? What might I need to change? Thanks for
any advice.

Dan Marrin

Do the recording skip if you play the exported files in Windows Media Player?