how to finish downloading Audacity

To Steve: You were so kind as to help me with a problem with using Audacity for transferring music from audio cassettes to compact discs several weeks ago. I looked for our correspondence and could not find it. If you can locate our exchange, I would so appreciate your send your replies to my g-mail account [Email address removed by moderator], if you can, since they contained really valuable information for me which I may need again in the future. In the meantime, my computer crashed last week-end, so that I am having to reload programs such as Audacity back on to it. I believe that I have downloaded it from the internet, but am uncertain where to go from there. I have attached the files that appear as part of the download–could you advise as to which ones I need to activate to be able to use Audacity again? Thank you again for your patience and your help. Tommy Richardson I tried adding the list of files from Audacity, but was told the file size was too large; however, you probably do not need it, since you work for Audacity. I am just not sure how to begin using it.

Unfortunately as a free application we don’t have the resources to provide one-to-one support by private e-mail.

You can find all your Audacity Forum posts by logging in to the Forum and clicking “View your posts” near the top of any page. Here is your previous topic

There is nothing attached here. Please see here for how to attach files (there is an attachment size limit of 2 MB):

Please note that none of the Audacity Forum staff use Zorin. I would suggest you visit and look at the FAQ “How do I install software for Zorin OS?”. In that FAQ, click the blue text for more information. Zorin is apparently based on Ubuntu, so I assume Audacity is in the Zorin “Software Centre” and so the easiest way to install Audacity would be to install it from there.

This may not give you a recent Audacity version, but if you want a recent version it gets more complicated. I would stick with the “Software Centre” if I were you.