How to find a specific sound

I have a 1 hour+ sound file that has several lessons combine in one file. In the sound file, after the end of each lesson the following bell sound is played:

Image of bell sound waveform:
Download the actual bell sound here:

I want to split the sound file into separate lessons. Is there any way to automatically detect and label where the bell occurs. It would make it much easier to split the file up.

You could perhaps Edit > Duplicate… the whole track, Tracks > Stereo Track to Mono then try this script on the duplicate track: Use Legacy version 3 syntax in Nyquist Prompt. If it works, the audio will be trimmed to the bell sound instances only then you can use Analyze > Silence Finder… or Sound Finder… to label.

Otherwise if you change to Spectrogram view in the Audio Track Dropdown Menu you “might” be able to see the bell sound instances more easily.


Thanks Gale! Using the Spectrogram view made this into a quick 20 minute job. Thanks!