How to extract numerical values from a record?

I am working on a on a audio project that involves the use of audacity. The thing is I need to record a audio, and then take I need to extract the numerical values of a recording in a notepad in order to be able to use them in a code software. Can you help me doing so?
Thank you very much for helping me !
Duval Arnaud

Which “numerical values” do you mean?

By numerical values I mean that, after doing a recording,a passing car for example, I would like to obtain the values in decibels as a function of time on a doc… I hope it’s as clear as possible!
Thank-you for your answer!

Peak level or RMS?
What sampling period do you need for your measurements? Once per second? More? Less?

I assume that you don’t need to complicate the matter with stereo. Am I right?

I assume that you are aware that measurements of a recording are purely relative. There is no direct relationship with “sound pressure level” (as would be measured with a dB meter).

so i want to get the numerical values from the spectrum of my audio recording with a sampling period that is 1 every 0.1 seconds so that i can get all the values into a coding software, and know what are the numbers that are above one that i defined. No, I will work with a mono recording and if I want to be specific, it would be for a car going down the street recording sound.
Hope I am helping you helping me!

Ah, OK. There’s no simple way to do that with Audacity. If it were just the peak or RMS level, then it would be easy to accomplish with a Nyquist script, but spectral analysis is much more difficult.