How to extract just a selected part of a spectograph

Using the spectral tools I can select a section, a rectangle containing a time period plus an upper and lower frequency. Is there a way to save just this rectangle as a sound file, it is the bit that usually is deleted to tidy up a file. In my case I want to save it. In other words I want to save just the “whistle” which is used to demonstrate the tools in the manual.

There are specialized programs for this. iZotope RX Advanced, for example. The free Audacity program cannot do this

Not in one step, though you could create a macro to combine these steps.

  1. Duplicate the track to create a copy of the track.
  2. Select Track spectrogram view in the copy.
  3. Make the spectral selection and apply Spectral Delete (in the copy)
  4. Apply the “Invert” effect to the copy
  5. Select both tracks
  6. “Mix and Render” (or Mix and Render to New Track)

The mixed track contains the spectral selection, which you can then save.

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Hi Steve, That works great! Thank you