How to export multiple using labels [SOLVED]

I use windows 7 pro, updated to audacity 2.0.5 zip,from 2.0.3. Can someone tell me how to label individual tracks after recording an LP, so I can pick a track to add to a playlist on windows media player, to burn to a cd?

I’m pretty sure it’s in here:

Scroll down to Track Names. That’s a subset of a larger transfer wiki:

We should remember that Audio CDs do not carry song titles. They depend on an internet connection to look them up when you play the CD. There is a subset of standard Audio CD called CD Text that can carry words in addition to the music, but those are not strict standard Audio CDs and your authoring software and player both have to be OK with it.


Windows 7 pro, Audacity 2.0.5, zip file: The audio tracks appear to be labeled ok and at the correct time line. When I export the audacity file to windows as an mp3, the only name appearing is the artist, the individual tracks are not listed.

You have to export multiple files using File > Export Multiple…, choosing “Split files based on labels”.

You should burn CD’s from WAV, not MP3: Audacity Manual .


Thank you very much. Recording and exporting is working great. appreciate the help