How to Export Individual Tracks in Place within Song?

Hi everybody!

I’m an audio engineer and recently I had a client send me her files in multiple stems, but the problem is that each file only has the recording, and not the silence that comes before it within the song.

Of course, it would make my job a WHOLE lot easier if the files included the silence before the recordings within the song, so that everything is in order (time-wise) if put together.

Is there any possible way to export the individual tracks WITH all the silence that comes before it within the song?

OR, as an alternative, how do you extend an individual audio clip to the start of the song manually?

Any help is GREATLY APPRECIATED! :wink:

Are you talking about the song gap on a CD? That comes from the CD Authoring Program, not the music itself.

If they supplied the masters as MP3, you may not want to use Audacity anyway. Audacity doesn’t edit MP3. It converts the work to high quality internal format and then makes new MP3s when you’re done. Every time you make an MP3, the sound compression damage gets worse.


If I remember correctly, Audacity used to do that at one time, but then someone (???) decided that it would be better if it didn’t.

The workaround is to generate a little silence at the start of each track.

  1. “Ctrl+A” (select all)
  2. “Home” key (move cursor to start)
  3. “Generate menu > Silence” and generate, say 1 second of silence at the start of all tracks.

WOW! Those responses were lightning quick. Thank you so much guys.

Steve, you are a LIFE SAVER! The generate silence method works perfectly for what I was trying to achieve, sorry if I worded it kinda strangely.

I forgot to mention that my client is the one using Audacity and I’m exporting the files into a different program. I’ll be sure to relay the info to her.

Thank you once again. I can’t believe the solution is so painless (I was googling for an hour :unamused: )

Have a good day :sunglasses:

Export Multiple by tracks might have done that long ago, but there used to be a good workaround that Tracks > Mix and Render converted white space before the audio started to silence. Now it doesn’t.