How to enhance sound with 'effects', keeps on saying select audio , ctrl + A, nothing happens

Trying to enhance or change sound with Effects. It keeps on saying 'Select Audio,( Ctrl + A for all) then Try Again. This message pops up with the audio I selected pulled up on screen. This pops up after I hit Apply. Should I apply without any selected audio with a blank/new screen?


Choose effect from effect menu, Select audio, then apply effect.

Some applied effects will not change the audio (null) because of the effect settings, (e.g. 0%wet/100%dry, threshold too high).

Most of Audacity’s built-in effects require that a selection is made before opening the effect.
(See here about selecting audio:

VST effects and a few built-in effects allow you to select audio after opening the effect. (You can still make the selection before opening the effect, which is what I usually do).

“Ctrl + A” should select all audio in all tracks.