How to end a song with a different note

Hi - first post here and love Audacity.

I have figured out most items and am having trouble adding a different ending to a song

I have tried change speed/tempo/pitch with crossfades etc and can’t get rid of “bumps” as cut/paste multiple 0.5 sec clips across multiple tracks . Basically it’s a classical song that ends on the same note with a slow fade naturally and i want a different note about 1/2 way thru the fade. I have tried different section of the song- I get the right note but as per above, it sounds like the hiccups.

I have tried Normailzer, Hard limiter and the guys here talk about coding

Any guidance appreciated

I think I’d try making a copy of song (or just the last part of the song).

Then, change the pitch of the copy.

Then crossfade. I don’t know if you want a relative long crossfade where you can hear the notes overlap, or a short crossfade where you hear the note change, but you don’t hear notes overlapping. I’d probably start with 1/10th of a second crossfade.

You are going to miss the attack of the new note, so depending on the instrument it may sound unnatural no matter how you do it… A crossfade should avoid “blips” in the volume or other glitches, but it still may not sound natural.

You may want to try an asymmetrical crossfade where the fade-out is longer than the fade-in. (Sort-of like hitting a piano key while another note is decaying.)

This is slightly different, but I’ve done quite a few “DJ style crossfades” where the 2nd song starts as the 1st song is fading-out and this usually sounds OK (there’s no blip or glitch or discontinuity). In this case I don’t usually add any fade-out or fade-in I just start the 2nd song during the 1st song’s “natural” fade-out.

Ok will give that a shot. It will likely have to be a different song.