How to enable the current position bar to jump also on the other track when up/down pressed like in Audacity 2?

How to enable that the current position bar shows and “jump” also on the other track when up/down pressed (while paused) to be able to precisely align the two tracks in sync like it was in Audacity 2? Currently (version 3.4.2) the bar remains only on first track as it should but on the other track (downwards) the new guiding bar does not appear when down is pressed like in older versions. Only the whole track’s outer frame is highlighted which is useless for the task of syncing.

EDIT: And I know that if I hover on the loop zone (time) I see the white bar on all tracks. But I need to be able to see it during the track moving process and not only briefly between the moves - as it tends to decrease precision and forces to do many tries for what I was able to do in one step in previous versions.

I need this behavior or 3+ versions are unusable for me:

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