how to enable lamemp3 recorder

Hi. Can you help? I have dloaded audacity and wanted to add the lamemp3recorder, but cannot figure out how. Thanks.

2.06 i believe

2.06 i believe

It’s good to find out for sure. 2.06 is not a standard Audacity version. Fill in the info from that pink band above.

I don’t know that Audacity has a plugin for live recording. It manages live recording by itself and you make an MP3, (if you wish) later.

We warn people not to do live production in MP3. MP3 creates sound damage and you can’t stop it. It messes up post-production filtering, patching and effects.

Do everything in WAV (Microsoft) and then, when you’re finished and have the show exactly the way you want it, make an MP3. Make it with the idea you’re never going to open it up again except to listen to it.


You can get the current version of Audacity (2.1.1) from here:

“lamemp3recorder” is not our product. It has nothing to do with Audacity. The only “lamemp3recorder” that I see on a Google search comes from dodgy looking “free download” sites (the sort that frequently distribute adware, viruses and other undesirable software). I would recommend extreme caution with that program.

If by “recorder” you mean “encoder”, you can add a recommended, safe LAME MP3 encoder for Audacity to use.