*how to eliminate dither...?

There’s not much noise in the “common sense”. The Speaker was to Close to the mic - a lot of breath and Pops.
I’d suggest as a first step a highpass at about 110 Hz to soften the low rumble.
Here’s the promised averaging. Put it in the Nyquist prompt.
it Plays different Settings (1, 3 … 11 samples).
Don’t be surprised that the Sound is so ugly - that’s fully intentional. The silent parts are amplified to match the louder ones in order to get a Feeling what rubbish is hidden down there. The effect Returns the Sound with an average over 5 samples - that sounds best to my ears.

(defun noise-reduction (sig samples)
  (snd-avg sig samples 1  op-average))
(defun noise-scale (sig)
  (mult sig (s-min (snd-const 5000 0 *sound-srate* (get-duration 1)) (recip (rms sig  ))))) 
(dotimes (i 5)
  (s-save-autonorm (multichan-expand 
    'noise-scale (noise-reduction s (1+ (* i 4)))) ny:all "" :play t))
(multichan-expand 'noise-reduction s 5))

We could also use the numbers 2, 4 etc., but the averaging lies then “between” the samples. For statistics this is bad, for sounds it is ok.
If you can’t/do not want listen to the preview:
copy only the first 2 and the very last line into the prompt.

Thanks Steve - yeh, I successfully reduced/eliminated a good portion of the dither noise with noise removal shortly after I posed the question. Was tricky finding the right noise sample that did the job but finally got one.

And thanks Robert - I’ll try what you suggested. Haven’t used nyquist besides your previous suggestion…so I’ll def. check it out.

Thanks again for all the help guys