How to edit track to minimize "Hard consonants"

I have very precise diction and my “t’s” in particular are amplified in my recordings. What effect and settings can I use to minimize this? Sorry for lack of details. First time I am using this software or other voiceover software and I have a final project for MBA class with a deadline. I’ve skimmed manual and FAQ’s, but do not see what I need to do to fix this ( if even possible).


It’s always a shock the first time you hear yourself the same way others hear you. You might make good use of sibilance suppression. I’m looking for the postings.


Pardon me. It’s the de-esser.

You should know that cheap microphones, tiny computer speakers and earbuds make this problem much worse. Mid tones and bass quality is expensive.


If the problem is also on plosives like “P” & “B” , try a pop-shield about 4" from the microphone … Pop filter - Wikipedia , ( an improvised shield can be as good as a store-bought one ).

Yes. If your plosives are actually blowing air on the microphone, that will create some serious damage. Back off slightly and use a blast and pop filter.

They’re a little difficult to see, but both of these microphones have blast filters.