How to edit the length of a MP3 file

Using Windows 7. Audacity 2.0.5

I need to edit the length of an MP3 file to add to a door chime. It was recommended by our ITS Team to download this software but it looks like a lot more than I need. Can someone help?

Actually, it’s a pretty simple audio editor compared to the others. You did step in one mud puddle. Audacity will not make an MP3 without additional software.

I suppose we should find out if you’re trying to do the impossible. The “chime performance” is exactly the right length, but the file is too long? Or the whole thing is too long?

Do you know anything about the chime hardware? Will it accept any MP3? Will it accept any file? MP3s have higher sound quality damage than WAV files.

Don’t make the newbie mistake and try to save the new chime over the old one. Keep a safety copy of the original as a backup, say on a thumb drive or something. Audacity will save new work with the same filename as the old, but if anything happens to the computer at that exact instant, you have no edit and it will destroy the original.