How to edit out 'distortion' in an MP3

I recorded the Trisagion off the internet, but from 3.4 on until the end, there is some distortion that is not present from the beginning to that point.
Can I edit this out, and how do I do that?

Three seconds? Three minutes?
Can you drag-select a ten second segment with the distortion starting in the middle? File > Export Selection and post it? Use WAV (Microsoft) for the export quality.

From a forum message window, scroll down, Upload Attachment > Add the file.

Also forward your computer info and Which audacity version.


I am so new to the software that I don’t know how to edit a ten-second clip.
I am trying to upload an Ogg-Vorbis compressed version of the project.
If this won’t work for you, if there’s an email address, I can notify you
of where you can pick up the audacity project through my dropbox account.
trisagion-c.aup (591 Bytes)

You still have not told us which Audacity version and which version of Windows. Please tell us (have a look at the pink panel at the top of the page).

Pretend the blue waves are text. Drag the audio you want to select with your computer mouse, as you would drag select some text. Then export as WAV. Have a read of How to post an audio sample.

AUP files are only text files, no audio.

The _data folder of your project has one OGG file for each track in your project, if you used File > Save Compressed Copy of Project.

You cannot attach files larger than 2 MB. There is no e-mail address. Please right click over the audio file in Dropbox, choose Share, then post the address of that file here.


My Audacity version 2.1.0
My OS version: Windows XP SP3
Dropbox location of 10-sec WAV snippet:
Original Internet Location:

If more is needed from me, let me know.
Thank you for your followup and determination to help me.
Sorry I am such a Noob.

Make sure you read Important information for Windows XP users.


Thank you, Gale. My WindowsXP SP3 is up to date.

Thank you, Gale. My WindowsXP SP3 is up to date.

Just to be clear, it can’t be up to date. Microsoft stopped providing updates and they warned that they were going to do that. It is dangerous to put a Windows XP machine on the internet. You will be vulnerable to all the attacks that were designed after Microsoft stopped.


It’s too loud (over 0 dB) which means the tops of the waveform that are over that level can’t be represented. The result is a “flat topped” waveform and the distortion you hear.

You won’t remove the distortion - you can make it a little better by using Amplify at -20 dB then Clip Fix. Clip Fix just looks at the waveform and tries to guess what the tops of the waveforms should have been and interpolates those values. I used a setting of 85 in Clip Fix but you can choose what’s best.

But really, look for another recording of that piece.