How to downgrade to 2.1.3? 2.2.0 is far too buggy.

I’m using Ubuntu 17.04. Audacity was automatically upgraded to 2.2.0 and is unusable on my system.

How do I downgrade to 2.1.3?

Thanks so much for any help and suggestions.

The version of Audacity in Ubuntu 17.04 is Audacity 2.1.2-2.

Where does your version of Audacity come from?
What are the bugs that are causing problems for you?

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your help.

I’ve been using 2.1.3 on my system with no problems. As I recall, I got it from the PPA because the align keyboard shortcut does not work with 2.1.2.

None of my keyboard shortcuts are reliably working, and I can no longer export to a selection using a keyboard shortcut without deselecting and reselecting again.

You will need to uninstall Audacity, then remove or disable the PPA from your SourcesList.
Then visit the PPA, download the deb package for 2.1.3 and install it.

Are you aware that Audacity 2.2.0 has a reduced set of predefined shortcuts by default? (The full list of shortcuts is also available)

Before you get rid of 2.2.0, could you give steps to reproduce that. If it’s a reproducible bug it can be fixed.

Hi Steve,

Fantastic, I was able to do exactly that and I’m back in happyland with 2.1.3. Though my keyboard shortcuts were labeled correctly in 2.2.0, they still only worked half the time. Unfortunately I can’t give steps as I’ve already uninstalled 2.2.0. Really appreciate your fast response.