How to do weird effect ?


i need to do a hoist tape effect on exsisting music file ;>
Probably i can’t explain this in simple way :>

Something like this, the sound at the end of the video, can i do it on audiacity ?
Sry for mistakes, and thx for help.


Try this “turntable warp” plug-in effect:

To install a plug-in, copy the .ny file into the Audacity plug-ins folder, which is inside the Audacity installation folder (usually under “Program Files” if you are on Windows). Restart Audacity and the new effect will appear in the Effect menu below the divider line.

Thanks man :slight_smile:

There is a wobble not just a slowdown, (turntable warp just decelerates or accelerates, no wobble) …

wobble could be added with Steve’s TremVib.ny on vibrato …

followed by turntable warp to decelerate.