how to divide recorded album into separate MP3's

I am using Audacity 2.2.3 with a Windows 10 laptop. I use Audacity to record an album of music from a program that I have playing on the laptop. When I finish recording, I want to divide the Audacity recording into separate songs (MP3’s) and then export all of the MP3’s to a folder on my desktop where I will name each of the MP3’s. I can’t figure out how to divide the album into the separate songs using Audacity. I am not new to using Audacity. I have always used it to record albums (version 1.2.6), then export the entire album as a single MP3, then import the album into a program called Sound Organizer, which I use for dividing the album into separate MP3’s. This new version of Audacity doesn’t work well with the Sound Organizer program (the waveform is off with Sound Organizer when the files have been created using Audacity 2.3.3). This was never a problem when I used version 1.2.6. So now I need to learn to use 2.2.3 to divide the album into separate MP3’s before exporting. If you can offer suggestions on how to accomplish this, it will be appreciated. Thanks

Label the individual album tracks in Audcaity, then Export multiple based on those labels.