How to divide audio into tracks with internal index

I use Audacity 2.3.3 inside Ubuntu Studio 20.04 LTS (64 bit Linux) installation.

I wonder how to divide (and save) some audio track into sections that be recognized by another audio players as tracks inside an internal index, like the standard audio CD tracks.

As an example: Let’s say I have a concert with 3 movements. So, I have one track (audio file) with the full concert. I want to divide it into sections, but… Up to my limited knowledge, the Audacity sections will generate 3 separated tracks (wav or MP3 audio files) when I save it in the HDD. So… How can I save it as just one track (one audio file) but… With some internal marks (cue point) that be recognized and used by an audio player (software, or device) as an useful index? ???

Is there some way to get it? ???

There’s no universally standard way to mark tracks in audio files.

There are some player specific methods to do so. For example, iTunes supports “Chapter Markers” for MP4 and some other formats. Audacity does not support such markers.

M3U playlists provide a way to group separate files into a list, and are fairly widely supported (