How to disable blank space on save

I was creating some loops and when I re-opened the .mp3 I had saved I noticed that Audacity was inserting a blank space at the beginning of each waveform. Does anyone know how I can disable his auto-insertion of blank space in the beginning of the track when I save the track?

I did search the manual and the forum. I’m sure this info is here, but I blanked on what keywords would be best to find the info.

Version = 2.2.1
PPA Version

It is not possible to make seamless loops with MP3s because the format always has a bit of leading silence (technically, it’s because the format does not define the overall encoder/decoder delay).

The solution is to use a different format, such as WAV or OGG.

oh yes…just found this. Unfortunate. Thx.

OGG’s do seem to work fine.