How to Deliberately Remove the End of an Audio File

All I wanted to do was to cut the unneeded end of an audio file. I found Audacity, and it looked promising. I downloaded 2.3.3, onto my Windows 7 Professional system. The file is a MIDI file.

I found instructions, but it all falls apart after I mark the point where I want to make the cut. The next instruction was to select Edit > Clip Boundaries > Split, but I can’t because it remains grayed out. I made the assumption that the instructions left out that I needed to select the section (to the end) and then delete. I can “delete” the section from the marker to the end of the file, but the note remains behind. I get a message saying that I need to select the tones, but all this does is select the entire file. I tried selecting the part I wanted and saving it any way thinking that may be the job had been done, though it didn’t look like it. All that happened was I wound up with a copy of the original file. Selecting the section I want to keep and copying it to another file doesn’t work either.

Most help is how to cut sections, or people who have cut off the ends of their files who didn’t want to. I thought this would be as easy an operation as trimming the end off of a video file, but so far it hasn’t been the case.

“MIDI” is not “audio”. MIDI is a simple language that enables communication between devices. Typically, a MIDI file contains instructions to tell a synthesizer what notes to play. By analogy, you can consider it to be a “musical score” that can be read by synthesizers.

When you import a MIDI file into Audacity, you should get a “Note Track” that looks something like this:

Is that what you are getting?

Did you find these instructions: Note Tracks - Audacity Manual