How to delete Level of specific duration?

Need some help, I record a voiceover in Audacity but it contains pops/spike of .01 seconds in various places. When I export as a level (multiple audios) then that pops/spike also makes a level. So how can I delete those short-duration levels with a macro?

Thanks, sir, it helps 90%. If I delete those Levels (duration 0.1) it would be 100%. So is there any plugin that deletes all Levels of specific audio duration(like deleting all levels whose audio duration is less than 0.1 seconds). So that I export my all voiceover using multiple export(by levels) commands. Thanks once again for your help.

Most syllables are shorter than “0.1 seconds” …
100ms is a syllable's worth
i.e. most of the speech would be removed.

A noise-gate can silence any sound between words.
But is will not change pops or clicks which occur within words.
[a noise-gate can cut off the start & ends of words if you’re not careful ].

AI can identify (& remove) pops & clicks within words … Enhance Speech from Adobe | Free AI filter for cleaning up spoken audio

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