How to delete a project ?

Using Audacity 2.0.2 under Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.
I’m converting cassette tapes to MP3. When I’ve finished converting a given tape and transferred the MP3 file to an external HDD I want to remove all the other files which Audacity has created in the course of the project. I’ve been looking unsuccessfully in the manual and have searched this forum to find out where all these files might be stored. Under the File menu I can’t find an option to Delete a project and all its associated files. How do I do this ?

If you saved the project there will be an Audacity project file (example “myrecording.aup”) and a project folder (example “myrecording_data”). The project file and the project data folder will be in the same directory as each other. To completely delete the saved project, delete the project file and the project data folder.

If you did not save the project then you don’t need to do anything as temporary data will be deleted automatically when you close (exit) Audacity.

Everything you need to know about managing Audacity projects is described in this part of the manual:

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Thanks again for the useful lead.
I cleaned out my computer and network by searching for *.aup with Windows Explorer and then deleting all the no-longer-needed files and folders.

But where is the delete button? I have a project folder open with an aup file but no apparent means of deleting.

Thers is no delete button.

Follow the instructions earlier in this thread.