How to delete a failed file recovery

Hello everybody,

Since long time, Audacity offers me at each program start to restore one crashed project. But if I choose recover or delete in the recover menu, Audacity is hanging : process explorer shows that there are disk activities from Audacity, but it’s never ending loop.
The only choice I have is to skip it.

I don’t need anymore this project. Do you know how to delete this crashed record from Audacity ?

Thanks for your help.

So on Windows, this directory is located at C:\Users\MyUserName\AppData\Local\Audacity\SessionData, where MyUserName is your Windows name. Note that AppData is a hidden directory: View hidden files and folders in Windows - Microsoft Support

Thanks, I localized it.
Shall I have to delete the 2 folders (SessionData and crashreports) ?

No need to delete the folders

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