How to default open Fit to Width

I just upgraded to 2.2.0 and even though I selected to keep all my previous settings…it doesn’t seem it did. Now, when I open a file, the file opens kind of zoomed in. How do I make Audacity open files to “Fit to Width”? Where is shows the entire file waveform on the screen? I see Auto-fit track height under settings, but do not see anything about auto-width.

That’s an old version (I guess you got that from the Sourceforge website?)

The current version is 2.3.2 and is available via the Audacity website: Audacity ® | Download for Windows

Control-F Full (on my Mac it’s Command-F).

I use that and two other zoom controls constantly: Drag-select something and Control-E (Zoom to sElection) and Zoom out a little bit Control-3. That last one is an extracted piece of a much larger collection of tools.


Yes, I see what you mean darkcyber …

I tested this in W10 with the latest alpha test version for the next release 2.3.3 I see the same thing you report - but only sometimes it’s not consistent.

  1. When I open an Audacity project - sometimes it opens full-width on the Audacity Window and sometimes it is zoomed out so that the full length of the project occupies about 1/2 to 2/3 of the available window, with blank gray space to the right.
    This happens if the Audacity Window is maximized or minimized.
    But the one thing it is not, is consistent - and we do like consistency in Audacity.

  2. It’s also inconsistent with “opening” an audio file (like a WAV or MP3), where the file “opens” to fill the Window.
    But this inconsistency could be expected as when the Audacity “File>Open” is used with an audio file rather than an Audacity project two things happen
    a) Audacity opens a new Project (with the name of the audio file)
    b) Audacity uses a hidden “File>Import” to import the audio file into the project

So Audacity does not actually “open” the file at all it reads the file and converts it into an Audacity project - so it’s Import that’s used in this case and not Open.

I’m considering whether or not to log this as a bug de to the inconsistencies - I’m pretty sure we intended for Open to open projects at full width.


The zoom level is saved in the project when you save the project.
When a saved project is opened, it should automatically be zoomed to the same place and zoom level as when you saved it.

When importing an audio file into a project, Audacity will zoom to fit the new track.

Ooh - so it does :blush:

I realize that I usually zoom to fit before the final Save of a project so that I can view it in its entirety.


Curiously the Manual has never mentioned that - I just updated a couple of relevant pages for the alpha 2.3.3 (and all future) Manuals.


Thanks for the suggestions. This was the version I downloaded a while back and upgraded all my other computers, by mine. So, I just upgraded it. Going to grab the newest one.