Hi, I’m using Windows 10 and Audacity 2.1.2.
I have a question:
How do I cut a part of the audio I recorded AND THEN how do I record it again and insert it into the part that I originally cut, without it being over the rest of the recording, and without it sounding weird?
I don’t know if I’m clear ahah, I hope you’ll understand :slight_smile:
I hope someone will answer fast!
Thanks for your help in advance!

a part of the audio I recorded

What is the show? Are you reading an audiobook?

One of the things you gain with a studio and high end recording equipment is repeatability. Unless you catch a mistake right away and sing or perform a correction, chances of coming back later and getting everything to fit and sound perfect are not very good.

By that I mean if you make an obvious mistake, stop performing, pause a second pick it up a phrase or two before the mistake and sing it again. Don’t stop the recording. That’s probably the best way to make sure the phrasing, pitch, rhythm, etc, match between the original and the patch. That also gets you many places to try and match old and new work. Smash recording at just exactly the right place to record a patch on the fly didn’t work all that well when machines would do it, and Audacity won’t.

Reading for a book can sometimes be patched later.

Let us know.


If you are already in that position with a recording, select either side of the mistake, then Edit > Remove Special > Split Delete which leaves a gap where the mistake was. Turn Transport > Overdub on, then click in the waveform before the gap. Record, which will be in a new track. When you get to the gap, record your correction. You may have to use Time Shift Tool (F5) to align the correction perfectly. The two tracks will play together.

Koz’s solution is simple because you only have to find the original mistakes in the continuous recording and carefully delete them. Cut Preview (press C on your keyboard) will help here.

If you don’t mind stopping record when you make the mistake, then you can select over the mistake, delete it, then hold SHIFT and click Record to record at the end of the same track. It may take practice to do that well.


Thank you all for these suggestions, I am going to try them all!