How to cut certain types of audio from whole track

Im a newbie so would appreciate some help please.
I have an audio track. Its 2 hours long. There are some parts where its talking, other parts where it is stomping noises from walking.
I would like audacity to select those walking noises, find all instances of that and simply delete it so i can focus on the talking parts.

I dont want noise reduction because those parts will still remain. I simply want to find all instances of tht and delete. Can anyone kindly advise. Surely audacity should have this feature?

Audacity has no way of knowing whether a section of audio is speech, music, random sounds, etc.

If the ‘stomping and walking’ portions are quieter than the talking you could eyeball the waveform to home in on those sections.

You could use scrubbing to quickly scan through the file for those sections.

– Bill

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