How to crete tracks that are found with the FF to next track

New to Audacity, and recording some 'Frog and Toad - Read Along recordings for some wonderful 1st graders in East Oakland, California.
I’ve got 5 short stories, about 6-8 minutes each, the tracks have been aligned and yet I don’t believe they are cd player machine distinguishable, so the teacher could set the player for the third story, via the 3rd track, or any other story / track?

Any insight, direction, ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

If you have short stories in WAV format (not MP3), you can drop them in an Audio CD Authoring Program such as iTunes or Windows Media. The program will allow you to shuffle the stories around however you want and then burn them to a blank disk in the order you picked. The stories will have 2 seconds between them unless you change it in the program. If you do nothing, they will play beginning to end. You can skip forward or backward like any music CD.

The disk will play in any CD player or computer.

Make sure you are making an Audio CD and not a Data CD. A Data CD may scramble the stories and will not play in your mum’s Buick.


Skip down. Burning Music Files to a CD.