How to create template/container/bins of specific length to put songs in it?

Hi there,

New to to Audacity as well as audio manipulation. I’m currently working on Audacity 3.4.2 on PC, W11.

As I’m working on a language research project, I would need to create pseudo-words with 3 syllables from a pool of recorded syllables. For example, i can take the syllables “ba”, “di” and “po” to create the word “badipo”. I can easely concatenate each syllable to create this manually.

However, I need each syllable to be contained within a specific lenght: 333 ms. I can do it manually, but it is time consuming and not very exact. Thus, is there a way to create a structure such as a bin or a container in the same track, to be able to alway keep the same timing and just create different words by changing the syllables inside this structure?

To be exact: on the same track, I would need t have a container from 0-333ms, another from 334ms-667ms and another from 668ms-1001ms. Then, I could change the syllables inside each container to create new words:
0-333ms: “ba”
334ms-667ms: “di”
668ms-1001ms: “po”
Then, export as “badipo”, with exatc duration of 1001ms with each syllable of 333ms.

Appreciate your help.



Apparently the free SoX software was used to do that sort of thing, (a decade ago)

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