How to create more than one track

I can download and burn the cd without any issues. Download is from a cassette to the computer. There are no issues with editing or cutting parts. When I burn the cd though even though there are 16 tracks present the track shows as one. Normally it would create 16 tracks and you have the option to skip between tracks. How do I split the tracks into 16 rather than one? The instructions in the tutorials provided are useless and very confusing. There should be some simple way to make the break between tracks I’ve wasted a number of cd in trying to use the information provided in help. I would like some assistance so no more cds are wasted. I should mention that help was useless in being able to cut and edit also. It was so simple once a friend who uses the program explained it, but what was in the help information was useless and totally wrong on that topic.

Export your WAV file as you did before as a protection copy in case you mess something up. Set that aside.

Then put a Label (Tracks > Add Label at Selection – It’s Command-B on a Mac) at the beginning of each song you want separated – including the first one.

Then File > Export Multiple and follow the instructions. That should give you the same number of individual sound files that you had labels. Drag them over to your burning program and burn. If they’re individual songs, then the CD will break them up with 2 seconds of silence between each one. If it’s an opera where the breaks aren’t wanted, select “No 2 second gap” or whatever your CD programs calls it. Many burners let you select any size gap including 0.


I know the temptation to use MP3 for your music is terrific, but MP3 causes sound damage and should be avoided for any music production.

That’s where re-writeable media comes in handy! You use the same one over and over again until you get it right. I have a small pack of CD-RWs and a small pack of DVD-RWs just for that very purpose.

Older CD players will not play music burned into a CD-RW. You are intentionally restricting the number of people who can hear your work. Also, correct me, but it takes forever to scramble the old music and put new on.

If you have one player that’s OK with it, you can keep burning and trying until you get it right, and then burn onto a “real” CD-R.


On my system it takes no longer to prepare a used CD-RW for re-use than it does to delete folders from, say, a USB disk drive: not quite as fast as the C: drive but nearly so.

That was what I was implying - but I didn’t state it as clearly as you’ve just done. Thanks.

Do you mean these tutorials (from the Audacity Manual):

We send lots of folk to these tutorials and I can’t recal complaints about their readability, usability or eficacy, so I’m confused.