How to create and export track listing to long recording?

Hi all, I have just started using Audacity and aim to digitize a bunch of tape from my old college radio show years ago. I recorded one last night and it sounds good. I exported it to MP3 and still have the original “project” saved.

I’d initially used a bit of an older version that came with the “super USB cassette capture,” but have just downloaded v. 3.0.2. I’m using Windows 10.

On on my old cassettes, I recorded the song list. I want to save those also with my MP3s but I am having difficulty figuring out how to do that? For adding to already-exported MP3s, I saw that Groove Music supposedly lets you do that, but I seem to only be able to add one track label for the whole 2-hour recording? I’m tried using Audacity’s Help pages and am just not sure the best route–I see references to adding tracks so that you can export things separately, but I really want one 2-hour recording, just as long as it has the track listing? (Great if I can jump to tracks at will, but I’m satisfied even without that, as long as it at least has the list saved to the file?)

Thanks for any help!


Some apps support “chapter marks” that allow you to do that, but there is no “standard” way to do it that is widely supported.

Most MP3 players support playlists (see: M3U - Wikipedia) which allow you to tie together multiple audio files so that they play one after another but can still skip from one track to another.

For splitting the long track into separate files, see: Splitting a recording into separate tracks - Audacity Manual