How to create an intro/outro on an mp3 recording

I’m trying to attach intro and outro music to a recording but a button pops up saying this can’t be done on a mono track. Anybody know what I need to change? There are a bunch of tutorials out there, but none addressing this. I’m on a macOS version 10.

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You can match a live performance to whatever you recorded. If the show is stereo and your intro is mono (one blue wave), Duplicate the track (Control-D) and then using the top panel on the left > Make stereo track. Now export and that should slide right into a stereo edit.

You should not be doing production in MP3. MP3 is a delivery format and nasty things can happen when you try to edit one. Audacity doesn’t do this editing well, but Direct Cut should be OK. Direct Cut needs all the pieces of your show to be separate. No fading, crossing or other special effects.

Do all your recording and editing in WAV (Microsoft) 16-bit. If you need an MP3 for your player or publication, get the show together and perfect first and then make the MP3.

You won’t need Direct Cut if you do it that way.